A Transformational Announcement

By Rob Banaszak on July 23, 2010 in President's Message

by Kandy Ferree
President and CEO
National AIDS Fund

NAF President and CEO Kandy Ferree

NAF President and CEO Kandy Ferree

Last week the National AIDS Fund received some transformational news. We learned we were one of 11 distinguished organizations to receive the first-ever Social Innovation Fund (SIF) grants, an initiative administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). The Social Innovation Fund is a true public-private partnership and an example of how the Obama Administration is using new funding pools to support issues of national significance, carrying with it a requirement to leverage a 1:1 match at both the national and local grantee levels.

NAF has received a $3.6 million award that will enable us to expand the scope of our Access to Care initiative in support of innovative public-private partnerships to improve individual health outcomes and strengthen local services systems, connecting economically and socially marginalized individuals living with HIV to high quality supportive services and health care. The awards were officially announced yesterday at a press conference held by CNCS. For more information about the Social Innovation Fund and our fellow grantees, click here.

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NAF’s SIF award serves as a pivotal follow-up to the May 13 meeting at the White House that addressed the role of public-private partnerships in the implementation of National HIV/AIDS Strategy. It is a call to action and invitation by the NAF and by the Obama Administration to have corporations, foundations and individuals join in helping the United States reach the “Increasing Access to Care” goals set in the new National HIV/AIDS Strategy.

NAF’s precedent-setting Access to Care Initiative was launched last year with generous support from Bristol-Myers Squibb and the Walmart Foundation. However it is critical that this leadership demonstrated by these two companies serve as a catalyst for the continued expansion of our SIF partnership network. This is a huge opportunity for the private sector, other philanthropic agencies and individuals to step up and help to create a country where new HIV infections are rare and where ALL people living with HIV/AIDS have access to high quality health care.

Our SIF award is a significant investment in our nation’s fight against HIV/AIDS. As the single largest award for HIV/AIDS made in decades by the federal government from new non-AIDS-specific funds, the award demonstrates the premium value placed by this Administration on the uniting of the public and private sectors to improve the life and health of our nation’s communities. These funds will enable the National AIDS Fund, in collaboration with current and new funding partners, to develop and enhance more evidence-based and innovative community-driven interventions that help to increase health literacy, remove barriers and get more people living with HIV access to primary health care and HIV specialty care.

You can become a partner in this historic opportunity to help people living with HIV/AIDS access the life-saving care they need? You can join in our efforts to make our SIF award go farther than we ever imagined, and help us honor our pledge to bring corporate, philanthropic and individual support together to fulfill the National HIV/AIDS Strategy’s “Increasing Access to Care” priority. Becoming a partner is easy! Make your donation via the National AIDS Fund’s secure website form. Just click here.

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