Es Mejor Saber at National Latino HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

By zaccaria on November 18, 2010 in AmeriCorps

On Friday, October 15, 2010, Team New Mexico participated in “Artists at Work: A Festival of Awareness.”  The awareness campaign was sponsored by Southwest CARE Center, a Santa Fe based clinic dedicated to providing comprehensive medical care, research, education, prevention and support services to people affected by HIV/AIDS.  One of our team members Emily Knittle works at SW Care for her volunteer service.  “Artists at Work” was part of a day of events commemorating National Latino HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.

The event was open to the public and featured the live painting of a mural by two local artists John Santos and Guadalupe Vargas.  The mural was painted on the outside of a café at 2nd street and Lena in Santa Fe and urges everyone that passes that “es mejor saber,” (it’s better to know) and to go get tested for HIV.  The event also featured a local DJ with live hip hop and break dancing.  Team New Mexico participated by helping to spread the word about the event and to draw people in.  We also assisted by helping to set up and clean up afterward.  Southwest CARE also provided free anonymous rapid HIV testing to the public as part of the event.

DJ 13 Pieces and Harambe Movement B Boys

DJ 13 Pieces and the Harambe Movement B Boys

The “Es Mejor Saber” campaign was a great opportunity for us to come together with several groups in the community to spread awareness about HIV.  It was great to work with so many people volunteering their time to spread awareness.  The mural stands as a lasting reminder to the community that it’s better to know your HIV status and to go get yourself tested.

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