Team Detroit- On a mission to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

By rowe on November 18, 2010 in AmeriCorps

Team Detroit definitely made a difference on Saturday, October 23rd by serving at Cody High School, a local public school. The event was a collaboration between the United Way of Southeastern Michigan and City Year Detroit. Tasks to completed included painting offices and classrooms, landscaping, building benches, and painting murals. Team Detroit was honored to be placed at this school, especially being that it was the hub for a previous City Year member who is currently a member of Team Detroit, Karl Hatcher. Karl gave us a tour of the school and recalled stories of his time spent serving as a Team Leader for City Year.

Though painting murals was our desired assignment, we were assigned the task of revitalizing a room for a full time volunteer who counsels and tutors the students. We spent hours priming and painting, but the time and frustration was all worth it once we saw the finished product. A room that was once red and white was transformed into a spectacular butter yellow and green space conducive for learning.

Although we will not benefit directly from the improvements that were made at Cody High School, the current students and future students that walk the halls of the school will have a better, more visually appealing environment to learn in.

All members of Team Detroit had an awesome time and look forward to working with United Way and City Year again in the near future.

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