Team NOLA on MLK Day

By Sarah Ramteke on January 26, 2011 in Access2Care

In honor of MLK Day, Team NOLA participated in a fire safety event organized by the Southeast Louisiana chapter of the American Red Cross.

Early Saturday morning, we arrived at the Pilgrim Progress Missionary Baptist Church. There were about 50 volunteers all together, mostly from the Red Cross Clubs of local universities.

We all had some breakfast, and then a local fire chief presented a brief introduction to fire safety. He also gave us a phone number that people can call to receive a free smoke detector.

The neighborhood was divided into sectors and each group of volunteers was assigned to canvass a certain sector. A Red Cross member led each group.

We went from house to house, placing door hangers with fire safety information on door knobs and talking to people in the neighborhood. The day was beautiful, and the residents were very friendly. We hope that people will read the door hangers we left, and that the information will save lives.

Together, volunteers canvassed 1,940 houses that day.

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