MLK Day in ABQ

By zaccaria on February 15, 2011 in AmeriCorps

Team New Mexico partnered with Public Allies New Mexico AmeriCorps and Amy Biehl High School on a Martin Luther King Day service project. Our team spent the day at the Albuquerque Opportunity Center (AOC), one the area’s largest emergency shelters in the area for homeless men. The AOC is part of the Metropolitan Homelessness Project in Albuquerque, and is committed to ending homelessness in the area through a variety of initiatives. They offer a community voicemail program, a transitional housing program for veterans and also a respite care program. We helped out at the emergency shelter and dorm.

Team New Mexico partnered with Public Allies to help organize the service project. Public Allies is a national AmeriCorps program that places volunteers in different non-profits throughout the community. Similar to AIDS United AmeriCorps, volunteers meet as a group on a regular basis for trainings and other group activities, and also to organize a yearly long term project.

We also worked with Amy Biehl High School, which is a local charter high school for at risk youth located in downtown Albuquerque. Amy Biehl hosts an annual school wide MLK day of service, including a celebration with local performance artists honoring Martin Luther King. Although it is the only school in Albuquerque which actually is open on MLK day, the school makes an impact by sending volunteers–staff and students–throughout the community to various service projects.

At the Albuquerque Opportunity Center, the shelter provides 74 men a bed and nightstand in a large dorm. Part of our work was to clean the beds, nightstands, and walls throughout the shelter. Volunteers also helped by painting walls and raking and landscaping the courtyard outside. During the day, all of the volunteers learned about different initiatives in the community that are being implemented to combat homelessness. The AOC is involved in the Albuquerque Heading Home project to provide housing for 75 homeless men and women. The program seeks to find 75 of the most chronic homeless in the area and establish permanent housing for them by partnering with the city and different non profits in the area. Throughout the day, we all gained a better appreciation and perspective on what it means to be homeless in Albuquerque, and the work being done to combat homelessness.

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