A Call For Collaboration and Advocacy: the Community Partnership Model Evolves

By Rob Banaszak on April 4, 2011 in Community Partnerships

Christine Wasikby Christine Wasik
Community AIDS Partnership of the Capital Region
Albany, NY

Another wonderful AIDS United Community Partnership Meeting!  Thanks so much to AIDS United and the AIDS Foundation of Chicago for their hospitality.  It is so helpful to get together with other Partnerships and find out the new and innovative things people are doing as well as share with each other the similar challenges we are facing.  We are all struggling with decreases in funding and donor fatigue, especially in the area of HIV/AIDS.  People have been working so hard for so many years to end AIDS in their communities and it seems that it is harder and harder to get people’s attention about the issue.

Over the past two years AU has been stressing the importance of collaboration and advocacy.   After last week’s meeting I believe we have some clear direction to begin discussing and implementing much needed changes to our Partnership.   I now feel prepared to take some of the concepts we have been discussing for the past two years and strategize ways to make them work locally.   The support from AU has always been top notch but after this meeting I am especially confident to tackle a new partnership model.  AU seems to understand that, as they are, the Partnerships are finding their way through this process.  It is evident that AU is prepared to support us patiently along the way and assist us in achieving shared goals even if we all get there on slightly different paths.

Thanks so much again for a great meeting!

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