AmeriCorps Week in Tulsa

By Paige on June 23, 2011 in AmeriCorps

For AmeriCorps week 2011, Team Tulsa headed west to Clara Waters Community Correctional Facility in Oklahoma City. The facility, which sits right next to the biggest theme park in Oklahoma, holds about 275 men. It is a step below minimum security (note the word community in the title) and the offenders are allowed to walk around freely for the most part.

Team Tulsa headed down with former AmeriCorps member, Michelle Sullivan, for a health fair at the correctional center. Every one of our host sites was represented at the health fair along with many other organizations, including the Oklahoma State Department of Health, Guiding Right, Inc. and many more. The most popular booth seemed to be the ones that offered either candy or essential hygiene products, like toothbrushes and toothpaste, but offenders were encouraged to visit all the booths.

During the health fair, many of the booth representatives taught classes in another building. Our own Danielle Matheny taught a packed class about Hepatitis C transmission, prevention, testing and treatment. The offenders were offered a cookie and a toothbrush if they attended a class, an offer which many took advantage of.

Overall, the health fair was a major success. The offenders were able to socialize, snack and gain valuable knowledge about their health, both inside the facility and out. The health fair also gave Team Tulsa the opportunity to see inside one of Oklahoma’s many correctional facilities, and hear the stories of the men who reside there.

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