Team NOLA: AmeriCorps Week in the Garden

By Sarah Ramteke on June 7, 2011 in AmeriCorps

For our long-term project, we are creating a community garden. Our mission is to provide a safe, social space for people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and to promote awareness.

In observation of AmeriCorps Week, we held an event in the garden. Flyers, emails, and Facebook invitations were sent out to friends, community members, and local HIV/AIDS agencies. This outreach explained the mission of our garden and highlighted the contributions of AmeriCorps. We delivered brochures about AmeriCorps to the community center across the street from the garden.
During our event, volunteers helped pick up rocks and broken glass from the ground. Others started building a wooden fence in the back of the garden. They dug holes, inserted fence posts, then mixed & poured concrete.

Later we nailed slats to the fence posts and painted it with primer & sealant. Two members of Team Carolina were in town visiting and graciously took some time out of their vacation to help us out.

Over the past few months we’ve battled fire ants, hornets, weeds, and the hot Louisiana sun. We’ve picked up garbage, dug up rocks, whacked weeds, poured poison over ant hills, and consumed lots of water.

And it’s not over yet.

We’re currently working on painting a mural on the wooden fence in the back of the garden. It will be unveiled to the public on June 30th during the New Orleans National HIV Testing Day Event. So stay tuned!

For more pictures, visit our facebook page.

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