Make A Difference Day In Detroit

By MWally on October 27, 2011 in AmeriCorps

For Make A Difference Day 2011 Team Detroit joined millions of people nationwide in an effort to give back to our communities. In southeast Michigan, a collaboration of United Way for Southeastern Michigan, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Madonna University, Oakland Community College, Marygrove College and Wayne State University allowed Detroit area residents, students and AmeriCorps groups to come together on this important day. At the event, agencies from across the region provided activities that directly benefited our community. Arts and Scraps Detroit saw volunteers prep countless art kits that Detroit area school children will now be able to use. College Positive witnessed the power of volunteerism by training residents to tutor K-12 youth as they prepare for college; Beyond Basics gave residents a chance to work on projects like book binding and making bookmarks as well as provided training for those who looked to help elementary school children develop fundamental education skills.

Team Detroit took part in assisting with the beautification at the Southwest Solutions Early Learning Community. This awesome organization provides parents, caregivers and their children the opportunity to prepare to enter school ready to learn. Too often Detroit area schools see children enter into the education system not truly ready.  Southwest Solutions Early Learning Community steps in and looks to benefit from the fact that 90% of brain development occurs before a child reaches the age of three. Southwest Solutions Early Learning Community’s programs provide trainings in childhood development,  health and safety classes, mentoring services,  and networking events.  The organization also offers clean playgrounds for families to play, learn and grow. In addition to all of this, assistance programs are set in place to help those parents and caregivers who may have issues with reading, writing and math themselves. While children are sent to school to learn, education first starts in the home, parents and caregivers that need help can now find it free of charge.

Beautification efforts taking place at one of the five Southwest Solutions Early Learning Community sites in the area focused on the environment that surrounds those using the facility. Members from the team helped cleaned up the surrounding yard and playground area, revamped the kitchen area with a thorough cleaning and refinishing of cabinets/cupboards and assisted with the general cleaning of the learning areas inside. A healthy learning environment providing a stable and secure learning experience is what our youth truly need and community-based programs such as the one found at Southwest Solutions Early Learning Community serve as a community hub for moving forward. Keeping the grounds clean, allowing the volunteers and employees to focus on their work and providing a safe place for Detroit youth and families was an awesome feeling. The Detroit area may be notorious for its state of education at the moment but efforts such as this show that progress is being made, people are moving forward and citizens look to provide for the children that will one day inherit the city left to them.

Although Team Detroit looks to make a difference every day, this Make A Difference Day was a remarkable experience that we are all happy to have been a part of.

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