Contest: Name the Syringe Exchange Policy!

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**Please note: this contest is no longer active**

Help us win back federal funding for syringe exchange programs by entering the contest to name the policy banning federal funds for syringe exchange!

Last December, Congress passed a policy rider on an appropriations bill that banned local communities from using federal funds for syringe exchange programs (SEPs). SEPs are a key tool to achieving an “HIV-free generation” and are included in President Obama’s National HIV/AIDS Strategy.

People across the United States are working to end the federal ban on SEPs.  The HIV, viral hepatitis, and harm reduction communities CANNOT stand idly by as politicians restrict the ways we can save lives and prevent HIV and hepatitis C infections. The fight to win back federal funding for SEPs starts now!

We need your help thinking of strong and concise messages about SEPs that will get the attention of Congress!

The Contest

AIDS United and many other groups want to come up with a name for the rider that bans the usage of federal funds for SEPs. Think of how some groups have managed to rename the estate tax the “Death Tax.”

How to Enter

Just enter your suggestions in the comment box below. We’ll receive all of the suggestions here and post the best ones for people to see. The final names will be chosen by a committee of SEP experts and will be used in advocacy and lobbying literature. The individuals that submit the best ideas will receive a prize that will fall somewhere between a congratulatory pat on the back and a new car. Note that Bob Barker does not work for AIDS United, so the prize will likely be closer to the former than the latter.

For consideration, all entries must be received by Friday, March 16th.

If you have any questions about the contest, please email Jimmy Schneidewind at

SEP Background

Before giving us your suggestions, please consider the bullet points listed below which summarize some of the strongest arguments against the federal ban on funding for SEPs.

Here is the actual language of the current rider which bans the usage of federal funds for SEPs: “Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, no funds appropriated in this Act shall be used to carry out any program of distributing sterile needles or syringes for the hypodermic injection of any illegal drug.”

This policy:

  • Cuts off access to programs providing counseling and treatment services to people who inject drugs
  • Will cost millions of dollars to treat people with HIV and hepatitis C infections that could have been prevented
  • Denies local communities the option to spend federal funds in accordance with their own local prevention plan
  • Places outdated ideology over evidence, local control, and common sense

Click here to learn more about SEPs

The Best Suggestions We’ve Received So Far (updated daily)

  1. Promoting Dirty Needles Rider
  2. Blocking Local Solutions to Fighting HIV and Hepatitis Rider
  3. HIV and Hepatitis Promotion Bill (rider)
  4. Health and Science Last Bill (rider)
  5. Dirty Needle Requirement
  6. Let ‘Em Die Rider
  7. Spreading AIDS Rider
  8. AIDS Death Rider
  9. Spreading Death Rider
  10. Death Rider
  11. Stop People from Stopping AIDS Rider
  12. The Death over LIFE Rider
  13. Clean needle ban
  14. The Anti-Science HIV and Hepatitis-Promoting Rider
  15. Pay for the Works
  16. Death by Needle Rider
  17. The Injunction of Infection through Injection
  18. Un”fit”2 exchange
  19. The Disease Spreading Bill
  20. From Addiction to Death Bill
  21. The Bill to Condemn Addicts
  22. Condemn the Vulnerable Bill
  23. Death to the Vulnerable Rider
  24. Punish the Ill Rider
  25. Condemn the Healthy Bill
  26. The Health Ban
  27. The Pro-HIV Bill
  28. The Pro-Hepatitis & HIV Bill
  29. The Punitive Bill
  30. Punish the Healthy Bill
  31. The Promote Illness Bill
  32. Pro-Death Bill
  33. Anti-Health Bill
  34. The Pro-Hepatitis Party Bill
  35. The “Hep-C for You and Me” Rider
  36. The “I love HIV and Hep C” bill
  37. AIDS Transfusion Bill
  38. The Who Cares? Rider
  39. The Ignore the Science Rider
  40. The Spread the Disease Rider
  41. HIV Deficiency Indicator Economic Rider (HIVDIE Rider)
  42. I Choose Death over Science rider
  43. We Support HIV Infection rider
  44. Stopping HIV, Except for Some of You rider
  45. Congressional Act to Promote HIV Infection
  46. Encouraging Americans to Spread HIV rider
  47. Promoting the Spread of HIV rider
  48. I Don’t Want to Stop the Spread of HIV rider
  49. BAN (Block Access to Needles)
  50. Death Penalty for Drug Use Rider
  51. Exchange Death not Needles
  52. The Morbidity & Mortality Rider
  53. The Killer Rider
  54. The Killer Bill
  55. The No Money Yes Death Rider
  56. NOSEY SAMUEL = Needles or Syringes Equal Your Safety and More Useful Elite Legislation
  57. AIDS for America rider
  58. Death exchange rider
  59. The Pale Rider
  60. Death by Condemnation
  61. The Kill Bill
  62. We Love AIDS Act
  63. Just Die Already, Drug Addicts Act
  64. AIDS Exchange Rider
  65. Clean Syringe Ban
  66. The Rider to Promote AIDS and Addiction
  67. Common Sense is Obviously Not Common Bill
  68. PASS; Politicians Against Shared Syringes
  69. The Death Panel Rider



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