Month of March in Cleveland

By Anna Drungil on April 7, 2014 in AmeriCorps

Team Cleveland kept busy during the month of March with getting the word out about our Long Term Project plans and the AmeriCorps program.

On March 9, we participated in an annual Cleveland event called The Tolerance Fair. The event was hosted by a group called Honor Good Deeds and is held annually to raise awareness about differences and diversity. Different organizations from around the Cleveland area set up tables and share information about the work that they do. This year it was estimated that about 4,000 people attended the event.  We were there with the AIDS Funding Collaborative table getting the word out about HIV and our Americorps program. Many people were interested in what we do and what AmeriCorps is. As members, we were able to make great connections in the community for places to volunteer at, do HIV-related work such as presentations at, and one member was asked to give a talk about the AmeriCorps program at an organization with clients who might be interested in applying. All in all, it was a great opportunity to speak with other organizations and community members who are dedicated to making positive change while we got the word out about who the AIDS United Team Cleveland is and what we do.

Setting up at the Tolerance Fair

March also marked the month in which we finalized plans for our Long Term Project.  Through attending local meetings in the HIV community and passing surveys out to consumers, we realized as a team we saw a need for some sort of retreat or gathering for people living with HIV in the Cleveland area. We decided we will host a day long wellness empowerment workshop for PLWHA. At this event, people will have the opportunity to participate in facilitated workshops related to empowerment, wellness, and overall well-being and community-building. We began publicizing this event on March 19 at a community briefing held by the AIDS Funding Collaborative. This event was attended by other people who work in the HIV community here in Cleveland. We spoke briefly about who we are as Americorps members and what our program is about. We then made an announcement about our Long Term Project plans, while passing out flyers that we had created about our event. We have also launched a GoFundMe website to raise awareness about our event while also fundraising.

Long Term Project informational flyer

Long Term Project informational flyer

In all, we look forward to continuing our work on our project as we get the word out to the community!

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